An appearance or revelation of God, often in the OT in connection with a sanctuary (Exod. 40:34–8); as to Isaiah in the Temple (Isa. 6:1); God's presence is indicated by fire or wind and clouds (Deut. 33:2; Ps. 68:33; 104:3). According to Exod. 33:40, no one can see God and survive. He is never seen in the theophany at Mount Sinai except in the older narrative of Exod. 24:9–11, where Moses occupies a merely subordinate position; in the later narratives he is supreme. Rather different was the revelation to Elijah in ‘a still, small voice’ (1 Kgs. 19:12, AV, RV; ‘a sound of sheer silence’, NRSV; ‘a faint, murmuring sound’, REB; ‘a light murmuring sound’, NJB). In the NT Jesus saw the Spirit [[➝ spirit]] of God descending like a dove at his baptism (Matt. 3:16) and at the Transfiguration [[➝ transfiguration]] there came a voice from the cloud (Matt. 17:5).

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